A Healthy Approach to Home Made Goodness

What is Dry Soup Mix?  Creating a Soup strictly using Dehydrated and  Freeze Dry Vegetables  with Blends of  Herbs and Spices to create a great soup by simply adding water to rehydrate.

Can Dry Soup Mix Go Bad?  Because the Mixes are Dry they have a low chance to go bad. As long as they stored in  a dry enviorment and are not exposed to moisture. They will be fine.
Do Dry Soup Mixes Expire?  With all Food Product there is an Expiry Date.  Our Soup Mixes Have a Shelf Life of 15months from the Date of Manufacturing.   Store in a Dry Cupboard.
How Long Do Dry Soup Mixes Last?  Keeping your Soup Mixes in a Dry Cupboard with extend the life of the Soup Mix.   Our Soup Mixes have a shelf life of 15 Months from Date of Manufacturing. 
Is Dry Soup Mix Healthy?  Vegetables, Herbs and Spices Retain their Nutritional Constitution. Once Rehydrated, the Vegetables  Flavour and Nutrients are Still Intact. Creating a Nutritious and Delicious Soup.
How to Use Dry Soup Mix? Aunt Millie's Soups are Created that you just need to add the Water  and Meat should you Choose. Our Soups are Cooked in approximately 1 hour.
Is Soup Gluten Free? Aunt Mille's Has Created All of Our Soups with Gluten Free Bases.  We do have to consider our Soups Wheat Free and we Can Not Claim Gluten Free Status.  We do have 3 soups that Contain Pasta & Barley.   We Can Not Guarantee Cross Contamination. 
Allergy Alert: Made in a facility that also packages wheat, milk, soy, eggs, peanut and tree nuts. May contain Gluten and Sulphates.
Can Soup be Frozen? Yes Aunt Millie's Soups Can Be Frozen Once Made.  We Suggest 3 months in Freezer.