Chicken Soup Package

Can A Chicken Noodle Soup Package Help When You're Sick? Here's What The Experts Say

You know that eating chicken noodle soup is your mom's go to remedy when you aren't feeling well - but did you know that experts agree that eating a chicken soup package can make you feel better when you're sick? Let's take a look at what the experts say about how a chicken noodle soup package can go a long way in helping you get well when you're under the weather.

First, medical experts know that it's easy to get dehydrated when you're not feeling well, and a chicken soup package can go a long way in helping you get your hydration levels up. When you're down with a sore throat, it can be tough to drink enough water, but soup can help you get hydrated a little more easily.

Secondly, the salt in the soup can be helpful when your throat hurts. The salt in the soup helps to eliminate infection and can help you get rid of inflammation and pain in the throat.

Lastly, the heat of the soup is hugely helpful in helping your body to get rid of congestion. Just like taking a hot shower can help to clear your sinuses, eating hot soup can help your body to get rid of the congestion that makes it hard to breathe and rest. When you're able to breathe easy, you're able to get sleep to give your body the rest it needs in order to get better.

If you're feeling under the weather, or you just want to be prepared for the cold and flu season, be sure to keep a chicken noodle soup package or two on hand. Dehydrated soup mixes stay good for over a year, so there's no reason not to make sure that your cabinets are stocked. At Aunt Millie's Kitchen, we're here to provide you with soup that will keep your body in tip top shape. Browse our website and reach out to us with any questions.